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Auto dealerships are notorious for generating a lot of documentation, and the need for printing comes along with that. Unfortunately, the high volume of printing can often lead to waste and cost auto dealerships money. Many businesses may not even realize how much money they are losing due to poor print management and printer waste.

In this blog post, we will discuss the wasted ink problem, the cost of printer ink and toner, the challenges of tracking printing expenses, and how partnering with a print management provider can help businesses save money and reduce waste.

Auto Dealerships and Print Related Expenses

According to research by InfoTrends, auto dealerships spend up to 14% of their revenue on print-related expenses. These expenses can include printer maintenance, ink and toner cartridges, and paper. These costs can add up quickly and significantly impact a business’s bottom line.

The Wasted Ink Problem

How many pages do auto dealerships print A significant amount of printer ink is wasted during the printing process, with estimates suggesting that up to 50% of ink is lost due to cleaning cycles and other inefficiencies. In addition, the average auto dealership employee prints 10,000 pages annually, and 17% of those pages go directly into the trash. This not only wastes paper but wastes ink.

This lost ink is a waste of resources and is costly for businesses. In fact, according to research by the GreenPrint company, the average business can save up to $760 per year on ink costs by simply reducing wasted ink.

The Cost of Printer Ink and Toner

Printer ink and toner are among the most expensive liquids in the world. A standard black ink cartridge for a small printer costs up to $50, and a color ink cartridge costs up to $75.And, for large printers within a typical dealership, a toner cartridge can cost over $400. According to Consumer Reports, the average cost of a black ink cartridge has increased by 9%, and the average price of a color ink cartridge has risen by 8% in the last three years.

These high costs mean businesses must frequently replace cartridges, leading to increased expenses and waste generation. In fact, according to research by Gartner, companies spend up to 3% of their revenue on printing, and up to 30% of those costs are related to ink and toner.

The Challenges of Tracking Printing Expenses

How do auto dealerships track printing?Tracking printing expenses can be daunting, especially for businesses with multiple printers in use. It can be difficult to keep track of how much ink or toner is being used, which printer is being used the most, and who is using the printer. This can lead to inefficient use of printers and wasted resources, which can cost businesses a significant amount of money. In fact, according to research by TechAisle, 90% of companies do not track their printing expenses, and those that do only track a small percentage of their printing costs.

In addition to poor tracking, many auto dealerships rely on inefficient ordering systems, which lead to paying higher costs and can lead to a shutdown in printing while waiting for new toner or paper to be delivered. While ordering a cartridge from Amazon when you think it is running low might seem like an easy solution, dealerships will often pay more for a lower-quality product. Furthermore, while Amazon can often be an excellent solution for the at-home consumer, without a print management system in place, waste is inevitable.

Why Buying Cheap Toner is Not the Answer

Buying cheap generic toner cartridges may seem like a cost-effective solution, but it can end up costing more in the long run. Generic cartridges often have a lower page yield, which means they run out of ink or toner faster, leading to more frequent cartridge replacements. In addition, they may not be the same quality as the branded cartridges, leading to more printer malfunctions and costly repairs. This can result in a higher total cost of ownership and contribute to more printer waste.

How a Print Management Provider Can Help Auto Dealerships

Partnering with a print management provider can help businesses save money and reduce waste by providing quality cartridges at a lower cost. A print management provider can also help businesses track their printing expenses, monitor printer usage, and optimize printer settings to reduce waste. In addition, they can help businesses choose the most cost-effective printers and replace outdated equipment to reduce maintenance costs.

Furthermore, a good print partner can help businesses manage their print-related expenses and provide quality cartridges at a lower cost. They can also offer insights into the print behavior of employees and implement changes to improve the efficiency of the print environment. For auto dealerships, this can mean significant savings and increased profitability.


The issue of printer waste is a significant problem for auto dealerships and businesses in general. The wasted ink problem and the cost of printer ink are two important contributors to this issue. Additionally, the difficulty in tracking printing expenses and the inefficiencies in the print environment further compound the problem.

Auto dealerships waste a substantial portion of their revenue on print-related expenses, and the average employee prints many pages that end up in the trash. However, by being aware of potential waste, implementing changes, and working with a good print partner, auto dealerships can save money and increase profitability. It’s time to address this issue and make the necessary changes for a more efficient and cost-effective print environment.