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Offset Credit Card Processing Fees

Real Savings, More Profit, Zero Fees

Real Savings, More Profit, Zero Fees

How It Works


With the Non Cash Adjustment program, your list prices have a built in cash discount incentive. Customers who chose to pay with credit card and signature debit cards do not receive the discounts and will notice a Non Cash Adjustment on their receipt. This virtually eliminates your processing fees!


We Make It Easy


Our solution delivers a simple way to offset your credit card processing fees – resulting in real profits for your dealership. All this while keeping you compliant with State and Merchant regulations.

How to save on credit card processing fees - Auto Dealers

Show Me The Money!

To ensure that your business realizes the most significant savings, we offer the latest in POS technology, provide full on-site training of your Sales, Service, Finance, and Accounting team and provide all necessary signage.

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Bottomline – BIG!

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